Summer Creative Community Challenge: Find Your Way is OPEN!

Our newest Creative Community Challenge will focus on the theme: Find Your Way! Click the button below to submit:

Are there any rules?

  1. Open to creators of all ages.
  2. Must be original and respond in some way to the theme.
  3. Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, comics and other artwork welcome.
  4. LEI will make final decisions about editing and publishing.
  5. Writing has to be less than 500 words long.
  6. Max 2 submissions per person.
  7. Submission deadline is July 15, 2022.

What happens to your submissions?

Local Artists will create interpretations of 5 select pieces of writing submitted before June 23.

Lake Erie Ink will produce an Anthology of all work in July.

We will have displays of select work in a storefront on Coventry Road.

Not Sure Where to Start? Check out this List of Prompts:

How do you find your way?

Create a map of your life.

Do you follow directions?

Where did/do you find yourself? Where did/do you lose yourself?

Are you a map, a compass, a flashlight, a walking stick?

How did you get here from there?

Message in a bottle – write a message from or to yourself in the past or future.

X marks the spot–This is where I am…

How do/did you find your way? 

What do you bring with you? What do you carry? What did you leave behind?

How Much Time do I have Left to Submit?



  hours  minutes  seconds


Submission Deadline

2 thoughts on “Summer Creative Community Challenge: Find Your Way is OPEN!

  1. May I submit poetry as jpeg images? If not, what are the formatting criteria? Font and size required? Margins?


    1. Yes, a jpeg is fine! It will be printed, so a higher quality image is always better. There are no specific formatting criteria for non-image submissions, but the anthology will be printed on 8.5×11″ pages. If you’d like something larger than that for the display, you can mail it to us or drop it off at our offices.


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