Summer Creative Community Challenge: Growth is OPEN!

Our newest Creative community Challenge will focus on the theme: G R O W T H! Click the button below to submit:

What happens to your submissions?

Local Artist will create interpretations of 10 select pieces of writing submitted before June 23

Lake Erie Ink will produce an Anthology of all work in July

We will have displays of select work at:

  1. The old Crazy Mullets location: 830 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
  2. Coventry Branch of the Cleveland Heights University Heights library: 1925 Coventry Rd, Cleveland, OH 44118

Are there any rules?

  1. Open to creators ages 1-999.
  2. Must be original and respond in some way to the theme.
  3. Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, comics and other artwork welcome.
  4. LEI will make final decisions about editing and publishing.
  5. Writing has to be less than 500 words long.
  6. Max 2 submissions per person

Not Sure Where to Start? Check out this List of Prompts:

  1. Growing Up means…
  1. Write instructions for how to grow a _________
  1. What have you watched grow?
  1. Have you ever waited for anything to grow?
  1. What does growth look like?
  1. What do you need to Grow?
  1. How can you tell when someone or something has grown?
  1. Is growth an easy or hard thing to do?
  1. What types of things can grow?
  1.   Is growth always a good thing?
  1. How do you know when you are done growing?
  1.  Are there limits on growth?
  1. Can you speed up growth? Can you slow down growth?

How Much Time do I have Left to Submit?



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Submission Deadline

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